Heal Yourself & Unlock the Fibonacci Codes that leads to your Chasm of Happiness!

I am Baggi Aswani, a wanderer, writer, author, Coach, Trainer, Guide, Therapist, Biker, Adventurer, Nomad & god’s own Collective Ball of sorted Energy.

It took me over a decade to map my esoteric and wonderful journey to Heal myself and to be a beacon of Healing. every life that I touch, I heal, Transform and help and guide to unlock the secret chasm of Happiness that is pre-loaded in the programmed genes.

This ancient healing codes or algorithms as I call them are as obvious to us as the Golden Ratio aka Fibonacci’s Ratio.

The Golden Ratio codes are locked from the Chakras to the minutest of veins, arteries, sinews, skin, glands, brain and at various locations in Humans, Animals, Flowers, space, Constellations, stars, Universe, planets, Crystals, Trees, Mountains, and innumerable Gnostic scripts.

It took over a decade & over dozen masters, Teachers, Trainers to train me in various disciplines and modalities of healings Viz. Spiritual, Mind, Body & Soul Healings.

I am of the belief that every human needs a healing sooner or later in this lifetime, to re-jig , re-align and re-store critical balance of the energies within the body, which in turn maintains semblance of communication with the Higher self or the Cosmic energy that is in constant connect with the body.

By visiting this site, Reading this transcripts unknowingly you have ascended the first step towards transforming your inner self and unlocking the Treasure Trove of Happiness that’s forever waiting dormant, to be discovered by you.

Every thought, emotion, feeling, pain has its origin in your past. The mind stores this ancient memory of your past in one remotest corner of the subconscious.

It’s also encoded in the Gene or DNA, which gradually surfaces in the present life or moment and trust me it’s always not so pleasant.

I am empowered by full spectrum of healing, through which I can reach to the origin, to the core issue, to the event or trauma that keeps coming back over number of lives.

I believe I can address, correct the issue in real time in that Past Life Event and resolve the issue physiologically. The results are profoundly magical in nature

It’s time to heal yourself and your family to love a happy and healthy life in just few steps that you will learn to unlock your very own Fibonacci code.

Let the Universal Healing be manifested by your body to initiate the healing, right now.


Get yourself healed right now, over the phone, whatsapp, Skype, FaceTime or visit me in person. Schedule a healing with me at your comfort.