Hello & Welcome to the 4DD

This is Baggi Aswani, Inventor & Curator of World’s First Diet Protocol that Reboots & Restores The Microbiome and dozens of body systems in a short period of 121 days.

Get rid of all autoimmune ailments

Get rid of complicated colon or gut related ailments like Crohns, IBS & . Diverticulitis to name a few

Prevent Hiatus Hernia

Live a Robust Life all over again.

We all are aware that Nearly all the Body Organs that keep us ticking are knowingly abused by us. over decades.

It’s time to Reboot them and Restore them to original Factory Settings, so to say..haha

There is No Medical intervention invented till date that is capable of Rebooting our organs.

Not a single super food, super grain, elixir of life, can claim to be the Hero of Transformation.

The 4DD has proved to be the only protocol that can actually and factually Reboot and restore all the organs, channels and matrices within the body

This breakthrough protocol is grounded in Science and it’s easy to inculcate in the biorhythm of your daily life.

It’s the only guided program that can help Transform everyone, regardless of age or condition.

Regardless of the latitude

Regardless of region, caste & creed.

To achieve Total Transformation all you need is a firm resolve,

which let me guarantee  

you that 

it will come from within your Body Consciousness.

I’m sure now that as you are tuned in, the intent from your body consciousness has been communicated….to look for Transformation strategies.

Body is a very intelligent Portal that is capable of switching channels at will. 

In simple words, the body accepts the command of higher consciousness as well as its own body consciousness, besides it also works on physical dimension, with our Mind and the Brain.

It is capable of harnessing the cosmic energy on its own, once its tuned into that frequency, that happens through  physical attunement, through a Guru’s intervention, through Reiki, besides numerous methods and channels.

Once the body feels the urge to restore its functional organs, it goes to all lengths to find a solution that can help transform from within.

Let me share about the current chronic ailments that has an underpinning process, that I will share as we progress …..

We need to Stop living with the dangers of chronic inflammation!

Its imperative to boost resistance to inflammatory diseases and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s!

First  major market is the Digestive  system that I shared in the earlier episode.

The root cause of all the autoimmune disease and ailments.

For the majority of adults tday., with age come digestive ailments. including and diverticulitis. The new Lifestyle ailment of our millennia.

diverticulitis is defined by small pouches (diverticula) on the walls of the colon. Diverticulitis occurs when a pouch becomes infected, causing abdominal pain, fever, bloating, and even the perforation of the colon.

The underpinning process that can help restrict it the Fourth Dimension Diet. Its 100% plant food diet. Wholesome, fresh and unadulterated

A diet that is curated specifically to Reboot and Restore the Gut and the Microbiome. The very engineering of the digestive system.

A plant based whole food diet, incorporating both soluble and insoluble fiber in form of prebiotic as well as probiotic, is the most powerful preventive strategy against diverticular disease. 

Major ailments are caused due to Inflamationwithin.

Let me explain

If you’ve ever cut your finger or been stung by an insect, you’ve experienced inflammation. This acute inflammation is triggering a response within your body to halt and heal the injury. But there’s another form of inflammation that doesn’t halt and heal…it is inflammation that can hurt and harm.

Chronic inflammation. Scientists now know that chronic inflammation plays a central and inciting role in heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and more.

This is the inflammation you cannot see. Inflammation that doesn’t heal. Inflammation that’s not only chronic in nature, but costly in its consequences.

You can control and conquer chronic inflammation!

But you can totally avoid it.

Yes the answer to this is 

Reboot your Gut

Reboot your microbiome

Realign your digestive system

Reboot the colon

Restore all the function of the above and you can avoid all these threatening ailments, that are rampantly expanding, geographically.

As of this week, if you are aware of the News, that one of the iconic filmstar of the yore is battling diverticulitis.

Medical science cannot grapple with the extraordinary characteristics of this disease.

Its like almost living in the Pain perpetually. 

Its far worse than 

Fibromyalgia, another autoimmune condition that can be reversed too once, you are able to completer 121 days of The Fourth Dimension Diet Protocol.

All these conditions are primarily due to a weak digestive system, that has been battered and abused for ages. Time to restore it and enjoy medicine free and disease free life.

That’s all for today

This is Baggi Aswani

Signing off

Good bye.