Elixir of Life

Nature has curated abundance of choices to help Humans live a healthy & disease free life.

We have created abundance of choices to abandon the simple Algorithm that keeps the body healthy, the mind happy & the soul blissful.

There is deeper and profound sequence that works silently with over 11 Elementary Systems of the body, with this simple “Glass of Elixir”.

The complex catacombs of cellular structure of each leaf that goes in making the Elixir exhibits startling and miraculous properties containing “Live / Living Enzymes” .

The moment these Elixir enters the body during consumption, it triggers host of chain reactions and starts ticking every elementary channel in an automatic sequence akin to daisy-linking-dots that one has observed in “Snake Game “earlier in the 90’s Mobile phones.

The release of Live Ennzynes that traps live oxygen molecules in their cells snakes in the Digestive tract and instantly begins transforming every host cell that is in the Epithileal Lining of the tract, including the Mucous layer.

By the time it reaches the Gut, its immediately grasped by our Guest Microbes that are a teaming ecology of over 3 Trillion population, Trigering a wave of rejuvenation among them.

The last vestige of this enzyme is the insoluble fibre, which is then grabbed by the remaining microbes at the last mile of the colon, that’s food for them and works as Prebiotic.

Every drop of this Elixir is “Manna” aptly re-invented by The Fourth Dimension Diet Protocol as “Praana”.

The Fpurth Dimension Diet Protocol of 121 days has fine tuned the very nuance of the food that has bern curated painstakingly, keeping in mind the “speed ” of This current “Digital Age” that needs faster & easier solutions which Transforms the Matter with Alacrity and Science.

The Fourth Dimension Diet addresses the very impulse of the Millinnea and the Protocol that is curated starts throwing up significant and profound results, within 48 hours after it bas been initiated.

The Quest for a Perfect Health ends here.

I promise to turn your health around 360 degrees without much ado, medicines, supplements, with only Food & your genuine intent.

Write to me if you are intrigued.

With Abundance of Health

Baggi Aswani