How to be an Alpha Lead with Healing

Get access to World’s Greatest Leaders, sector agnostic of course and you will find similarity of Pattern in their Lives. Life’s process is but individual re-incarnation matrix that is not debatable, but the one thing that connects all these luminaries is their attitude towards being an Alpha Lead.

Starting from infancy or early cognitive years, the pattern or the blueprint of their life is very significant though not so easily decoded or deciphered by the Parents or the Peers. This is a single most connect of the Binary Codes that differ from the ordinary. It may sound ludicrous to connect the Binary codes, but let me throw some light on what I intend to state with this statement – Either be aware or be an Erudite without being aware, the ancient Geometry & Arithmetic is based on a simple equation of PHI ( better known as the Fibonacci codeI. from the famous painting of Mona Lisa to scores of monuments dating back to making. This code defines all and rules all what is in the Nature.

Each stage of growth throws up clues but somehow very few are noticed and they turn out to be young Prodigies. Rest evolve through various stages of Life and eventually claim their rightful place as an Alpha Lead.

There many papers written on this topic that keep circumventing Neural domains and the Amygladas, ironically that is not what is required to do. All one needs is to understand the Energy that has made you, created you, nurtured you, nourished you, cultured you, and finally developed you to constantly focus on your Life’s Blueprint or Life Plan. This Energy is present nn the Binary of the DNA or Gene imprints, all that needs is to invoke these codes by re-vitalising the Energy Matrix in the body, which is synchronising 24×7 with your hight consciousness, that has been the co-creator of your entire being.

Various modalities are linked to activating these codes within the body. Ancient humans too had decisive processes that activates the core energy in the body. Centre of Quantum Healing has developed a small, early, doable approach that is more systemic in nature and begins about activating each and every Energy Centre in the body, viz. STEP 1. Accessing the Blue Print of Life / or the CurrentLife Plan of the individual. STEP 2. Goals that are planned at Cognitive level. Evaluate the same with Paris Window option. STEP 3. Getting rid of all unwanted multi-level stress in the body viz. Organ Stress, Body Stress, Environment Stress, Mobility Stress, Family Stress and finally Mental Stress. Sequential process guarantees elimination of stress in few sessions. STEP4. Getting Rid of EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES, many events in life are unplanned, however, if not resolved they tend to leave the footprint or fragments on the critical filter between the Conscious & the Subconscious Mind. These splinters or fragments connect like a daisy link or like the original Nokia Snake game of the 80’s and tend to explode or Blur or Block the Mind to take a Rational decision. These fragments of emotions can be the Inner Child, Age related, PTSD, or current events. These events need to be re-visited and nullified in that very period to feel Physiological Transformation in the Now. STEP 5. ENERGISING INTERNAL CORE OF ENERGY, Many parallels have been drawn on this very topic and there are many versions to this topic. But the Premordial Science confirms that the CHAKRAS in the body are the only Energy Sources Generators that keep each cell in the body synced to our Higher Consciousness and to the Universal Consciousness at Lateral Time, that means at every moment of living on earth.