My Tryst with An Alpha Kid

Yesterday my life as a Life Coach was challenged. For the first time in my Coaching business I had a unique client. A Young Adult. She was a pretty young lady, in her adolescent, looked perfectly Normal and Healthy.

Usually I do not take walkin Clients as its impossible for me go in a Perfect State as a coach, without knowing what I have to deal with, or whot I would be dealing with. The intake form informs me about the client and it gives me an opportunity to prepare myself and a set of questionaries that would set the rhythm and pace for the session.

But the mother was known to me and she requested a session which I promptly obliged.

The moment the child got seated, her body language kept shifting.

Within 15 seconds she started getting edgy and her seating kept shifting i could detect the mind whirring away.

The eyes too gave away to the truth who she was.

Not having a clue about such Blind Sessions I went super calm and started understanding her patterns of behaviours which kept changing rapidly.

In next 30 seconds I summed up my client and with a heavy sign I sank in my State for the session. I convinced that this young lady was an Alpha Kid.

Boom. The patterns flashed with distinct clarity of an Alpha Kid.

But the beauty of the session that lasted 2 hours taught me something that my learning’s and training’s never taught me.

It took me over an hour to achieve a breakthrough.

The Kid displayed absolute characteristics of an Alpha Kid who is super informed, sensitive to words, medical processes, psychology, spirituality, Reiki, Meditation, EFT procedures, hypnotherapy and to be honest i nearly ran out of questions at the end of an hour.

But, as she was leaving with a beaming smile and erect frame without drooping shoulders and obscure eyes, I felt a tug in my heart.

I had succeeded in bringing both Kids together, from a state of conjoined minds to a much dynamic One Mind. It was an accomplishment that I managed to in first Blind Session.

Such was the Transformstion that left the Mother dumbstruck and full of gratitude.

Later during the day she called up to thank me and shared the most astonishing fact that she deliberately kept from disclosing it to me: apparently the kid was undergoing trauma therapy with a psychologist Over a period of 12 sittings, without a breakthrough. And today was another sitting when the kid refused to go.

The takeaway of the session for a Life Coach is always a eureka moment when the client identifies the issues that held them back or held the mind at Ransom.

My Young client identified her three fears for which she requested me few sessions ans she was confident to get rid of them.

Wow. It was enriching experience that led me to believe that a special Alpha Kid sessions can be planned online and offline for which I am willing to script a new programme for our fellow coaches/ Trainers and Therapists.

Maybe I can learn from their personal experiences and perhaps wireframe the community with robust information that would help all fellow coaches on pathbreaking journeys and empower the young Alpha Kids to break all the shackles of their mind and learn to live a fabulous life.

Do connect and share your thoughts, planning to roll out first script / programme by September2019. Do share & contribute your lovely aha moments that May help me to factor in your perspective when I’m penning the scripts.

Lots Love 🙏

Baggi Aswani